Never start stopping and never stop starting.

Humans its and humans remain!

People who have to deal with me: Hubby and son, friends and work colleagues....and LJ ;)
I don`t scratch, bite and hit. According to my friends, I am a very sociable, friendly person. I`m from Germany ... so not a native speaker - but I try!
I love reading, or horse back riding (Friends of mine have a stable with PH and QH) and listen to good music!
I`m a teacher for first aid lessons in the bavarian red cross.
And beside my job, in my free time I`m working as a paramedic.
Greetings and hugs from Germany
(mountain) hiking, brk, classic rock-pop, country-musik, eagles, eric clapton, horseback riding, j2, my hubby, reading, sifi, spn, travel, tv-series